Friday’s Activities

View from the top of a Cathedral in Granada

After an hour in the bus, we’ve made it to Granada and the top of a beautiful cathedral. (I only wish I had photos of the staircase leading up to the top.) A winding cement staircase, with handrails the size of twigs, encase my shaking arms and legs as I slowly move from step to step.

The tight loop should have a “One-Way” sign on it, but instead, Americans, Nicaraguans and even some Germans ascend and descend the staircase with smiles, shrugs and looks of, “I’m nervous, too!” But the view was worth the hike. Most of our group made it up to the top.

Peltier, Rachel Cook, Leigh Stanfield, Alex

This is another picture from the top of the cathedral, with a volcano in the background. All the volcanoes in Nicaragua are active!

Taking a look at our watches, and the thick ropes that hung tightly to the cathedral bells, we realized that it was almost 12. Would they really ring at noon? Yes. They would.

Our ears stopped ringing soon after we made it down the winding staircase and we all hopped onto the bus, ready for lunch at El Zaguan. By now, most of the group had taken a fancy to Tona, the local beer in Nicaragua. You can also mix Tona with spices and a form of Tobasco sauce for a Nicaraguan Bloody Mary.

After lunch, and some shopping in Granada, we departed for Catarina, a small town on huge hill with a wonderful view. Here is a photo of the “Laguna,” a clean lake in Nicaragua. Like most of our other stops, children with grungy backpacks full of inexpensive pottery were on the hunt for vulnerable tourists. I bought a pretty piece of pottery from one of the young boys who made me smile when he pointed to the picture on the side and said, “monkeys! Everyone love monkeys!”

Some of our group also got the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Catarina.


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